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            Location:Home > About Us > Milestones
            In January 2013

            JIT, the intelligent schedule system was online and schedule center started to work,which highly level up the management of container yards.

            In November 2012

            the Shipping department was established, with ability to arrange port in/out as agent for container vessels, bulk vessels, reefer vessels, etc.

            In November 2011

            Lianyungang office was established, specialized in TCR businesses and marketing in Lianyungang port.

            In October 2008

            Import Distribution was officially put into operation.

            In November 2006

            Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd, Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Transportation Co., Ltd and Qingdao Grand International Logistics Co., Ltd formally combined into one company----Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd. The business scopes, office address, departments and staff all remain unchanged.

            In April 2006

            Distribution Business was officially put into operation.

            In March 2002

            Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd was founded, mainly engaged in logistics, warehouses, container repairing and the relative business.

            Catering to the West Movement of the Port, the depot began to move to QQCT as well. By now GACOSCO has set up 5 large depots ,covering an area of more than 640 thousand square-meters, and a consolidation centre covering 35 thousand square-meters.

            In December 2001

            The real-time computer management system achieved success and officially put into operation.

            In October 2001

            Headquarter moved to the GACOSCO building located in NO. 3, Nanhai Road, Qingdao City.

            In February 2001

            The Logistics Center was officially put into operation.

            In January 2001

            Qingdao Grand Ocean International Logistics Co., Ltd was founded, mainly engaged in warehouses, container devanning, transshipment, cargo sorting, packing, processing, collation, and other relative businesses.

            In February 1997

            In accordance with the internal adjustment of COSCO, the domestic shareholder was transferred to COSFRE Qingdao, which was renamed to COSCO Logistics of Qingdao in 2002.

            On March 18, 1996

            GACOSCO moved to No. 23 Wuxia Road, Qingdao city and commenced its comprehensive freight forwarding business.

            In December 1995

            All the stocks of Yifeng Shipping (H.K.) Co., Ltd. and partial stocks of COSCO Qingdao were conveyed to Great Asia International Transportation Co., Ltd; meanwhile, company was renamed as Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Transportation Co., Ltd. (GACOSCO).

            In August 1992

            co-funded by COSCO Qingdao and Yifeng Shipping (H.K.) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Fengyuan Container Transportation Co., Ltd. commenced its services in container transferring, storage and other relevant businesses.

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