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            Ocean & Great Asia

              Established on March 18, 1996, Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd (GACOSCO) is a joint venture between COSCO Logistics of Qingdao and Great Asia International Transportation Co., Ltd, which are affiliated to COSCO Group and IMC Shipping Group (Singapore) respectively. Based on a registered capital of RMB82.86 million and total asset of over RMB520 million, GACOSCO offers an extensive range of services covering maritime import and export cargo freight forwarding and international comprehensive container logistics, including cargo canvassing, booking, B/L release, customs clearance, quarantine inspection, Eurasian Continental Bridge transportation, NVOCC, international shipping agent, CFS services, project logistics, equipment control, reefer, tank and dry container technical services, inland transportation, Consolidation and LCL logistics, bonded logistics, import distribution,logistics distribution etc. The company is one of the leading logistics enterprises in Qingdao area in terms of scale, service functions and integrated strength, and ranked as one of “Top 100 of China International Forwarding and Logistics Enterprises”, “Top 100 of National Logistics Enterprises” and “Advanced Unit of National Logistics Industry” in consecutive years.

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