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            Location:Home > Business Scopes > Logistics Service > Warehousing Logistics Center

            Warehousing Logistics Center

            • Operated 35,000 square meters international logistics center with integrated logistics facilities;
            • Utilized state-of-the-arts independently-developed warehouse management system(WMS);
            • Provided comprehensive logistics services such as cargo temporary storage, picking & packing, sorting, inspection, packing processing, GOH handling, export consolidation etc;
            • To be the first C-TPAT qualified export warehouse in Qingdao Port;
            • To strengthen the management control of the warehouse security and operation;
            • To ensure safe and high efficient supply chain management;
            • Established good partnerships with international 3PL companies, such as APL Logistics, Expeditors, DHL Global Forwarding, Geodis Wilson, Ceva Logistics, Yusen Logistics, UPS-SCS, FedEx Trade Networks etc;
            • Operated contract logistics business of famous enterprises including NIKE, K-MART, CARREFOUR, TARGET, STANLEY, HAIER etc.

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