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            Location:Home > Business Scopes > CFS Service > Dry Container Technical Services

            Dry Container Technical Services

            • Dry container technical service center in charge of inspection, estimate and repair of dry, flat-rack and open-top containers. Passed China Shipping Bureau quality management, dry center owns 12 IICL certified inspectors, 50 plus Shipping Bureau recognized repairing technicians and 5 professional quality supervisors. Dry center occupies 10,000 square meter’s repairing ground and 1,000 square meter’s specified repairing workshop. With sufficient mending equipment, we are qualified the repairing needs of various container types.
            • Dry center also undertake various hanger container reforming businesses. Dry / reefer hangers with one, two, three, or four layers can be transformed without any damage to the containers. Tailor-made services are provided to meet client’s diversified needs, such as, partition type, hanging type, frame type etc.

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