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            Location:Home > Website Terms


            1. Important Information

            1.1 Qingdao Ocean and Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GACOSCO”) agree to provide internet services through www.www.fz959.com (hereinafter referred to as “YYDY”) in compliance with these Terms of Service/Use. In order for you to obtain the services, proper registration is required. By entering or using YYDY, you are consenting to be bound by these Terms of Service/Use.
            1.2 GACOSCO may, from time to time, change the YYDY Terms of Service/Use. You agree that your use of YYDY, after a notice of such change has been provided on the web site for the first time, shall constitute your consent to the new or revised YYDY Terms of Service/Use.

            2. Scope of Services

            2.1 YYDY provides comprehensive online search and relevant information. The information includes, among others, “Homepage”, “About us”, “Business scopes”, and “Online Inquiry”. GACOSCO shall not be obligated but reserves the right and the sole discretion to change, limit, terminate or cease to provide at any time, YYDY functionality or any part thereof.
            2.2At present, all services provided on YYDY are free.
            2.3 In order to maintain the network security, GACOSCO takes various measures including encryption, which suits the network security criterion, to ensure that services provided are secure.

            3. What You Need to Know

            3.1 You should provide accurate information, at the time of registration, including but not limited to, name (natural person), company name (juridical corporation), business address, telephone number(s), fax number(s) and email address. Immediate update is expected in case of any changes.
            3.2 After successful registration, you are given a user account number and a correspondent password, which you are responsible for maintaining. You shall undertake the responsibility of any activity conducted under your account.
            3.3 You agree to accept the business information GACOSCO delivers by email or any other means.
            3.4 You will not:
            (a) Use YYDY for any unlawful purpose(s).
            (b) Violate any provision of these Terms of Services/Use, or any rules or procedures relating to YYDY.
            (c) Conduct any activity that may result in the disruption of the normal flow of information on or through YYDY.
            (d) Conduct any activity that may be harmful in any way to GACOSCO.

            4. Disclaimer of Warranties

            4.1 You expressly agree that the use of YYDY is at your own risk. No warranty is given or assumed by YYDY.
            4.2 You acknowledge that any information delivered on or through YYDY is for your reference only. YYDY makes no warranty about the continuous flow of information or any other service.
            4.3 For your convenience, YYDY may provide links with other web sites. GACOSCO, however, is not their agent and therefore, not responsible for these web sites.

            5. Change, Suspension or Termination of Services

            5.1 GACOSCO may have to suspend the network for purposes of maintenance or update. In such cases, it will endeavor to give a notice prior to such suspension.
            5.2 In case of any of your violations of these Terms of Service/Use, GACOSCO reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account without notice.
            5.3 GACOSCO also reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time, without prior notice. In such cases, GACOSCO shall not be liable to any loss or damage endured by you or any third party.

            6. Jurisdiction

            6.1 Chinese laws are applicable to the establishment, enforcement and interpretation of these Terms of Service/Use and/or any dispute arising therefrom.
            6.2 If any disputes arise between you and GACOSCO, with respect to the enforcement of these Terms of Service/Use, both agree that the disputes shall be settled through amiable means. Otherwise, either you or GACOSCO may submit the dispute to the local court where GACOSCO is located.

            7. Miscellaneous

            7.1 Both these Terms of Service/Use and all services provided on YYDY are in Chinese and English. In case of any contradiction between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
            7.2 These Terms of Service/Use, as a genuine expression both of you and YYDY, constitutes a complete agreement with respect to the network and related services.


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